Johnny Jones
The Musical Genius!


John David Jones


His peers know John David Jones as a singer’s singer.  He has over forty years of professional singing experience.  Mr. Jones is a graduate of Wilberforce University where he majored in music education specializing in performance (piano and voice).  He was also a resident musician for four years at Wilberforce while completing his undergraduate work.  His achievements include off Broadway production of “The Life of Billy Ekstine”.  He has also worked with Bruce Willis (Moonlighting), Dolly Parton and James Woods (Straight Talk), Douglas Miller (My Soul’s been anchored), The Ray Charles Orchestra, and Bill Braynon (Count Basie Orchestra).  John David Jones has been a guest musician for Dr. Jonnie Coleman, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Dr. Quander L. Wilson, Sr., Les Brown, Mercer Ellington, and Dr. Lem Joyner (Notre Dame University).  John has also worked with Professor Gary Patterson in New York City assisting in vocal training for Amadeus (Jonathan Woods) and Zebra (Anthony Quinn).  He has been blessed to hold court with some of the finest, most talented individuals of modern society.  His credo says “This is what I do, I do it with gratitude”.  You can contact him at

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